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We bring HELP to your HOME!


How does your home look?

The Good

The Bad

$ 190
8 Hour

The Ugly

$ 380
16 Hour

We can work within your budget, and focus on the specific areas of your home that you want cleaned. Give us your priority list: we want to do what’s most important to you. Your satisfaction is 100% essential.

Your cleaning ladies, or “Helpers”, will show up at the time you requested, equipped with all the professional supplies required to do a great cleaning.

We excel in Move In/Out Cleaning for Renters, Owners, Realtors, Property Management Companies, and Apartment Complex Managers.

Our Move In/Out Cleaning offers a deep cleaning (dusting, vacuuming, sweeping & mopping) of the following areas: ceiling fans, fixtures, baseboards, bathrooms, inside/outside all cabinets and cupboards, kitchen appliances (refrigerator, stove/oven, microwave, dishwasher), countertops, sinks, floors, window tracks, windows inside/outside (first story), and blinds.

Membership Plan

Membership Option $30/year for 10% saving

Membership Option $30/year for 10% saving

Here are just a few “Helpers” happy to bring Help to your Home!


  Rent Me Today LLC is not an employer: we connect independent service professionals with customers and we guarantee your satisfaction.
  Any independent professional who has been connected with a customer through Rent Me Today LLC is not allowed to work for customers directly.
  Please do not solicit helpers directly, as said action would result in our inability to service your account going forward. Thank you!

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